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Let us lower your bills!

In fact, research has shown that the average cable bill has increased by 40% since 2010 and outpaced inflation for every single one of the past 20 years!



Pay less for the same service

Why are people overpaying?

Most customers don’t know they are being overcharged. Chances are your monthly costs for services have increased consistently over time without you noticing, or that they include hidden fees, old charges that should have disappeared or some other “gotcha” that you may not even know about.

Why does this work?

You know the saying: “Ask and you shall receive.” Your service providers have been banking on the fact that you won’t ask. Our expert negotiators know who to talk to and what to say to negotiate savings on your essential monthly services.

Why do you need AutoPilot?

Technically, you could do what AutoPilot does yourself, but our innovative technology platform and team of experts has saving down to a science. We like to think of ourselves as the smartest customer in the market. You can save money, time and hassle! With AutoPilot you know you’re not overpaying, and we do all the work for you.

Keep your provider … Remove the extra costs!

Upload your bill.

Send us all your monthly bills including cable, wireless, Internet, satellite and home security.

Leave the haggling to us.

We will call your providers and negotiate for you, then show you how much you will save each month while staying with your current provider.

Enjoy automatic savings risk-free.

You won’t pay a dime unless you save. You’ll pay us 50% of the savings each month you save, or take advantage of one of our pay-in-full discounts if you want to pay a portion of your savings upfront.


Ready to save even more?

Automatic savings. No catches, no surprises.
If you live in any of our active deregulated energy markets, you could be among our thousands of customers who have collectively saved more than $1 million.

  • Automatic energy switching platform powered by our sister company, Utiliz, LLC
  • Smart technology with a relentless customer focus
  • Available now in 15 deregulated states
  • Low, fixed monthly subscription fees of just $3.99 for Residential meters and $14.99 for Commercial meters*

* monthly fee does not apply to Texas or Connecticut 


“AutoPilot sheds new light on energy deregulation. There are so many suppliers to pick from and AutoPilot solves the problem of who to pick!”
-Drew C. from Massachusetts

Here's what you pay when you save

There’s no risk to you. Pay nothing unless we can save you money.


We’ll split the savings with you. Pay just

50% of your savings

each month as you save


negotiation team

Detailed reporting
& communications

Get your
time back

Phone, email
and chat support




How does Viv’s AutoPilot bill negotiating service work?

It’s simple: You upload a bill, and we contact your provider and negotiate to lower your current charges. You’ve called your providers before, and you’ve probably spent plenty of time on hold or being transferred over and over again—and still didn’t get what you needed. We do this all day, every day. We know who to talk to and what to say to get you the absolute best deals available,  which means lower prices for you. So leave your bills to us, and get on with your life.

What bills can you lower for me?

We can lower almost any recurring bills by negotiating better rates! The most common bills where we can find savings include cable, phone, internet, satellite (television and radio), pest control and home security/alarm services. And of course, our flagship AutoPilot Energy service lowers your electric and/or gas rates by automatically switching you to cost-competitive plans. We’re currently active in the following markets:

Electricity: Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas.
Natural Gas: Connecticut, California, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas.

This list will continue to expand as we grow and we encourage you to upload additional bills in the “AutoPilot Other” category during checkout so we can see if we can help you save even more money.

Will you change my services?

AutoPilot works to get you a better price for the exact same service and sometimes we are even able to get you an upgrade or add-on for the same or lower price! Occasionally, we may reach out to you if we see an opportunity to further lower your bill that includes a downgrade or change in service—we would never do this without consulting with you first though!

How much does it cost to use and how does Viv get paid?

There is no cost for our service unless we save you money. We only get paid IF you save money so there is absolutely no risk to you! As soon as we finish negotiations, we’ll get in touch to let you know how much we’ve saved. Then we split the savings right down the middle – 50/50. You’ll be billed for our half of the savings and we bill you as you realize the savings. Or you can take advantage of any pay-in-full discounts we may have available for you at the time. The more you save, the more we both make. It’s a win-win for both of us!

Is this a hassle?

Nope! Our whole goal is to let you live your life hassle-free! Simply upload your bills, answer a few questions and we’ll take it from there. Automatic savings without the hassle. We’ll call your providers on your behalf and you’ll only hear from us once we’ve finished negotiating your account or if we have an offer for you that involves any changes on your account.

What happens if I move or cancel service after you've saved me money?

We only bill you for savings you actually receive. If you move or cancel a service before your savings period is up, just let us know and we will stop billing. If you know you are moving in the future, be sure to let us know so we can negotiate for the appropriate time frame with your service provider.

How long will it take?

Your bill should typically be negotiated within a week of uploading it. Savings typically go into effect on your next billing cycle.  You will be provided with an online account to track the status of each bill you send us and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

How do I upload my bill to your site?

The easiest way to upload a bill is as a PDF. Most providers will provide an electronic copy of your bill as a PDF. If you receive a paper bill, you can scan it or take a photograph and upload a PDF or JPG. Be sure to include all pages that outline your services, features and pricing. Bills can be uploaded by clicking “Enroll Now” and selecting the type of bill you would like to upload by clicking the respective category. If you have a bundle of services, simply choose the bundled category. Then proceed through checkout, select your provider and provide the specific information we need for each provider. This may include a password or Personal Identification Number (PIN) so we can negotiate on your behalf. Then upload your bill for each category. You can drag and drop a file from your desktop, or click and browse, or you can even take a photo if you are on a mobile device. The more bills you upload the more you can potentially save!

Not sure how to access your bills online? Here are links to some of the main providers:




Dish Network


Time Warner Cable

Verizon Fios

Verizon Wireless

Do you negotiate past-due bills?

Unfortunately, this is not part of our service. We can occasionally remedy small problems from the past during our negotiations (for example, if you have been charged for equipment you never received), but our negotiations are focused on saving you money on your future bills.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. Your personal information is protected by secure encryption, and we only use your information to negotiate with your providers on your behalf. We will never share, rent or sell your personal information. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us—we treat it as if it were our own. You can view our Privacy Policy for more details.

Are there any bills you won’t work on?

There are a few types of bills that we are not yet set up to negotiate. We are always working to expand our offerings, but we currently are not able to negotiate: natural gas, medical and insurance bills, credit cards, mortgage and rent payments, debt services, legal fees or car payments.

I'm a business or a non-profit organization. Can you negotiate my bills?

Of course! We love to help businesses and nonprofit organizations save money and time so they can focus on making their organization thrive. Visit our AutoPilot Savings page for businesses to learn more.


How does AutoPilot Work?

In many states, you don’t have to buy your electricity from your local utility company thanks to energy deregulation. Deregulation means consumers have a choice of where they can purchase their electricity (unlike regulated states where consumers must purchase their electricity from the utility).  For those consumers, there are options out there that can save you money, but making a choice isn’t always simple. That’s where AutoPilot comes in. Our software tracks the markets daily and knows where the savings are. We look at our customers’ home, usage, renewal timeframe and other details and compare them with options in the market to pair you with the right plan.

How do you offer automatic savings?

As an AutoPilot customer, you have the peace of mind that your plan is constantly being evaluated. Plus, you’ll be able to see how we’ve performed for you through regular email communication and a real-time personalized account you can login at any time to see your savings with AutoPilot. We are proud of our track record and ability to save our customers money! Our auto-switching service is designed to save you, on an annual basis, compared to what you would have paid had you stayed on the utility’s standard service—even when you include what you pay us for your subscription fee! In other words, when you switch to AutoPilot, you are doing something great for the environment, you won’t pay more than you would on your utility service, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of managing your own account. If for any reason you don’t save on an annual basis, we will be happy to credit the difference to your AutoPilot account to be applied to your future subscription fees. It’s that simple!

How can you save me money?

First of all, we’re not a retail energy supplier. We fill a much-needed gap in the market between you as the customer and the third-party suppliers that procure energy. Because we’re not an energy company, we work for you and our only goal is to save you money. We are constantly monitoring the market, measuring your account performance and working to save you money on an annual basis. In fact, when it’s time for renewal, if we can’t find you a good plan, we’ll temporarily switch you back to the utility until we can. Second, because we work with many homeowners and businesses, we get the benefits of buying power. While we look at your account as an individual customer, we also let you benefit from being with many other AutoPilot customers as we search for and negotiate for great deals! Third, we work with our suppliers to lower their costs by not charging a customer acquisition fee and by servicing our customers directly. In turn, we ask that they pass these savings onto you.

How much can I save?

It depends on your usage and market conditions, which vary throughout the year. Our target savings are shown for each plan above. Most customers will fall within the target range for their plan. Some will save more and some will save less and you may save more or less at different times of the year. But you can rest assured that our team and our technology are focused on saving you more than you pay for your subscription on an annual basis—at a minimum—giving you stress-free, automated savings!

How do I get started?

Our enrollment is simple. Just pick your plan, give us a little bit of information and send us your bill. You can take a picture or download a PDF and send to or mail us a paper copy. Once we have your bill, we can complete your enrollment and start managing your account. We’ll bill one month of your subscription fee when you enroll and then start billing monthly once we’ve made your first switch.

Can I enroll for AutoPilot if my annual usage is less than 2,500 kWh?

Not at this time. Our goal is to bring you the best value with AutoPilot. Unfortunately, we cannot provide reliable savings and value to accounts that use less than 2,500 kWh per year (about 209 kWh per month on average), simply because their bills are already so low due to their low usage. Because of this, we have decided not to accept extremely low usage customers at this time.

What markets does AutoPilot service?

We are currently live in the following markets.

Electricity: Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas.

Natural Gas: Connecticut, California, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas.

Please sign up for our email newsletter and watch for updates on new markets as they become available.

How much is AutoPilot?

AutoPilot management service is offered at a simple flat monthly rate*

RESIDENTIAL = $3.99/month

COMMERCIAL = $14.99/month

*Except for Texas and Connecticut; no fee applies

Is AutoPilot a third-party energy supplier?

No. AutoPilot is a technology-based service product that automates a smart energy choice on behalf of the customer—and it works to benefit both third-party energy suppliers and customers by taking the hassle out of the process on both ends.

Is AutoPilot green?

Yes! At no extra charge, all AutoPilot customers can breathe easier knowing that Viv voluntarily offsets 50% of all the carbon emissions produced by its AutoPilot customers’ energy usage through the purchase of RECs.

For customers who want to do even more, we will have an option to top up to 100% green during enrollment very soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in this, please email

Who do I call for questions?

You can reach our Support Team on 833-VIVLIFE during business hours which are 10am to 4pm ET Monday through Friday, or drop us an email at any hour to

Who is Utiliz?

Utiliz is our sister company and is the platform that powers AutoPilot for Viv. Our CTO, Kevin Manley, developed the platform himself as a frustrated customer. When he and our CEO Cami Boehme met, the platform was exactly what she was looking to develop for a new company she was launching. Through that meeting, Viv was born, and with it, AutoPilot. Serendipity indeed.

When will you do my first switch?

Normally we’ll get your first enrollment done within a few days of importing your bill. However, depending on your billing cycle, time of year and market conditions it may sometimes take up to 4-6 weeks for the right plan to become available and for us to make the switch.

What if I am currently locked into an energy contract term?

No problem! During enrollment you can let us know when your current plan is ready to expire. Then, before that date comes, AutoPilot goes into action and begins managing your account. This way you will be switched to the best plan for you at the right time and avoid paying an early termination fee with your current provider. We’ll only charge you a one-month subscription fee when we get your enrollment processed and then we will pause billing until it’s ready to switch you from your current provider.

I'm coming to AutoPilot with a plan that has an ETF. What should I do?

If you’re already on a third-party supplier plan and it has an early termination fee (ETF), we can still help. We’ll analyze your situation to figure out whether it’s better for us to wait until your current contract expires before switching you, or whether we can save you enough long term to justify taking the ETF hit in the short term. Simply let us know during enrollment when your current plan is ready to expire.

When will I be billed?

With your monthly AutoPilot subscription, you will be charged automatically each month on the anniversary of when you enrolled. For example, if you enrolled on the 1st of the month, you will be charged again on the 1st of each consecutive month.

Can I see my billing history?

Yes, your full billing history is available from your customer online portal. You will receive instructions on how to access your account right after you sign up. All your Viv product and service subscriptions are in one convenient place.

I just saved money with Viv, and I want to tell all my friends about it! Does Viv have a referral program?

Yes! We love how excited people get when they save money, and we want them to spread the word far and wide. Our Customer Referral Program rewards you AND the people you refer! For every new customer you bring in, both you and the new customer will have $10 in Viv Reward Credit added to your account.

How do I refer people?

Your personalized referral link can be found in your customer account. Just login, and go to “Your account.”

How do I spend my credit?

It’s automatic! Your Viv credit balance will be applied to your next bill, so you don’t even have to think about it! We will always check your Viv credit balance before charging any other payment option.

Can I get multiple credits if one person uploads several bills or buys more than one service?

Sorry, no. We couldn’t afford that! Our Referral Program is designed to show you how much we appreciate you spreading the word about Viv. We know that once people find savings on their bills or see how much they benefit from our other services, they’ll be back for more. And, just like with you, their savings ARE their reward! Thanks for sharing Viv!