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We are passionate people united to build a better life.

Insights and profiles of people who are in it for all the right reasons.

Viv was started with a simple goal: Make life better for our customers, consultants and communities.

We started with an innovative service in the energy industry that removes the hassle from choosing an energy supplier. And we are building toward our goal with a portfolio of services that positively impact many areas of our customers’ lives.

What’s behind it all is in our thinking—we are a community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are convinced there is a better way. Here you’ll find insights and glimpses into our thinking, and what makes us tick.

Why become part of the VIV community?

You’ll meet great people, expand your world, and learn things you may have never known—including how to thrive in this business from those who have been there before. With top-notch training, and a community ready to share, let our experience help you find your own success.

Support for your
Viv business.

As a Viv Life Consultant, your success is top of mind for everyone here—from your corporate leadership and support team to your phenomenal fellow consultants in the field, we are here to help you succeed. Plus, you’ll get your own mobile-ready website, a robust online Virtual Office, and industry-leading training, all for one low signup cost no monthly fees!

Find opportunities
to give back.

As a consultant or as a customer, you’ll soon see why it’s rewarding to be connected with a company that’s in it for the right reasons. Do a little or do a lot—it’s up to you! You’ll have many opportunities to join with us to make a lasting difference, even if it’s only through using our products. Together, we’ll accomplish far more than any of us could alone.

Build a network of
like-minded folks.

Like attracts like. Viv Life Consultants live with an awareness of what our name, and our company, stand for. Viv is a Latin root, meaning “life, lively or to come alive.” It’s the root of words like revive, vivacious, and vivid. From getting together at a Viv event to simply staying connected on our social platforms, the friendships and connections you’ll form through Viv are an instant source of support and richness in your own life.

Learn from seasoned
experts in the field.

Our leaders were making side hustles look good before side hustles were cool. With decades of collective experience in relationship marketing, our team knows how to put the gig economy to good use. Whatever your reason for being here, we’ll help you discover and reach your potential.


The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.